3 responses to “Bienvenido

    • your point is well taken. Some other students mentioned that and I agree, FB is more appealing but this isn’t obligatory and not about entertainment and some students really do not want their personal information shared just to share a few links…serious students might just check once in while to see what links are available and that’s fine, maybe no one will share links, I’ve had only one student do so in the last year, of her own volition so I know the sharing rate is low. Point is I won’t bombard your emails with links that few of you might read anyway, you know where to go to check out what I’ve found. Some students mentioned that they had lost emails with links I had sent in the past, well, if they are here, I won’t have to dig in my archives to resend information. Some students have email addresses that don’t function well, so at least they can check for material here.
      Perhaps you can take the initiative to maintain a FB account sharing links or redirecting links from this site?

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